Exhibitor Application


9:00 PM Traditional

9:30 PM Small Black & Grey

10:00 PM Small Colour

10:30 PM Best of Day 



7:00 PM Lettering

7:30 PM Large Black and Grey

8:00 PM Large Colour

8:30 PM Blackwork

9:00 PM Geometric

9:30 PM Realism

10:00 PM New School/Neotraditional

10:30 PM Best of Day



2:30 PM Backpiece

3:00 PM Arm Sleeve

3:30 PM Leg Sleeve

4:00 PM Collaboration

4:30 PM Best of Day

5:00 PM Best of Show



  • $10 Entry Fee
  • Best of Days and Best of Show category entries must be started and completed at the show. All other categories are open to past tattoos as long as they were done by an attending artist.
  • Artists can cross compete in any category
  • Artists can arrive 1 hour prior to show opening to have more time to complete their tattoo
  • Contest Judges are as follows
    • Paul Archer, Airbrush Artist
    • Jeremy Hanna, Sullen Clothing